Sweet Trees

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You sweet trees
Standing here beside us
With your yellows and reds and greens.
You grew with us and watched us race
Through our childhood, our lives, our dreams,
Standing tall
On these concrete and greying streets.

So when they say the world’s for sale,
I don’t believe them, I won’t believe them,
When they say the world’s for sale,
It’s not in my name, not in my name

So we’ll get up onto our feet
Show the world what you mean to us
We’ll get up onto our feet
And lift our voices up so loud
We’ll get up onto our feet
And stop the world from crashing down
Around you sweet, sweet trees.

You sweet trees,
Just sighing in the breeze
And you’re glorious, rich with life
And we struggle by our eyes so blind
To you green islands and the sun and the blue,
blue sky
But, no, not this time.

Oh, isn’t it strange
Walking away from things unchanged?
Isn’t it strange
What we choose to see
What we choose to save?

Music and lyrics by Aliyah Keshani, guitar arrangement and production by Jamie West.